Red = Momo Blue= Mining

Fortville is the pleasant map where all Dragons begin their stay at Remnant Knights. The general level for this area is between 1-10 and this map includes the Dragon School Campus.

General Information:Edit

Guild Agents on Duty: M

Pilots: Lanie, Serena

Nurses: Beatrice, Heidi

Shopkeepers: School Store, Ruby

Mecher: Mike

Weapon- / Armorsmith: Dr. Chow

Chef: Alex

Teachers: Headmaster, Ann (Art), Myles (PE)

Mailbox?: 2

Synergen Refueler?: 2

Fruit available: Momo Fruit

Mining Stones: Marble Gemstone


House of RuinEdit

Designed by the same archetect as the Haunted House, this is the first dungeon that Dragon knights will encounter. Should be easy enough to beat solo. If you can't, then you're doing it wrong. Required level: 1-60.

Underground OfficeEdit

The 3rd Grade Promotion examination centre. Rush to the control room while putting out deadly fires and killing Skalari to eliminate the System Bugs in the console room! Upon completion, the player will be promoted to Grade 3.

Subterranean CaveEdit

The 4th Grade Promotion location. Protect an Engineering Student as he rushes to fix the controllers to prevent a possible catastrophe! Upon completion, the player will be promoted to Grade 4.

The ShrineEdit

Skalari have been threatening the Camp and have held several knights hostage - even the knight who went to rescue them is trapped! Rush to free them and make sure to escort all of them to safety through hoards of Skalari! Even if one person dies, it's an F! Upon completion, the player will be promoted to Grade 5.


  • Andru
  • Annie
  • Art Teacher Ann
  • Auction Manager Kim
  • Carlton
  • Dorm Director
  • Dr.Chow
  • Dr.Gen
  • Fisherman Cletus
  • Garbage Man Joe
  • Grandma Martha
  • Guild Agent M
  • Headmaster
  • Khan
  • Lanie the Pilot
  • Louis
  • Mark the Magician
  • Minnie
  • Mr. Xanderson
  • Nurse Beatrice
  • Nurse Heidi
  • PE Teacher Myles
  • Professor Wong
  • Serena the Pilot
  • Shopkeeper Ruby
  • Social Vendor Reed
  • Student Council Member Meghan
  • Test Site Manager
  • Trish
  • Uncle Jim