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Gunner Circle

The Gun Circle is one of the three minor class circles. Knights in this class uses a special kind of energy called Synergen to forge bullets. They have the best attack range, which made them experts at any long range battles using Synergen guns (making them stealth assassins for enemies). Wearing armor made for speed. Gun classes have high attack power and neutral defense.

Advance Class: Heavy Launcher , Dual Gunner

Remnant Knights - Free MMORPG from GameSamba - Gunner Teaser

Remnant Knights - Free MMORPG from GameSamba - Gunner Teaser


Heavy LauncherEdit

Gg class hlauncher

The Heavy Launcher is made for destruction. With their large array of armaments and their long range attacks, they can deal heavy damage from a distance.

Helping any group by providing a boost to their attack with the Power Charge skill and dealing massive damage with the Triple Shot skill and others, the Heavy Launcher can handle themselves and others alone or in a group.

Pros: Highest attack range of all the classes. High attack power and good defense.

Cons:Lowest attack speed of the classes, slow cast time, and low critical hit chance.

Heavy Launchers have the highest attack range of any class, hitting from afar. If enemies do happen to get close, they can endure very well with high HP and Defense. Heavy Launchers can be a great solo class, but in a party they can be of great help by raising the attack power of party members and be a tank with heavy artillery.

Dual GunnerEdit

Gg class dualgunner

Sharing the gunner spotlight with their Gun Circle counterpart, the Heavy Launcher, Dual Gunners go for more lightweight firepower to make quick work of their enemies. With high attack speed and high critical chance, the Dual Gunner is a force to respect.

With their skills such as Spin Shot and Cross Fire, they can easily dispose of enemies that stand in their way.

Pros: Balanced class with good attack speed and high critical hit chance. Possess many crowd-control skills with strong push-back and silence.

Cons: Low defense.

A Dual Gunner is a fast attacker, perfect for a quick assault on one or a group of enemies. Having lower defense, a gunner must use offensive maneuvers to their advantage and shoot from a distance. With their skills, they make a great addition to a party, and solo they can take out their enemies with ease.