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Magic Circle

The Magic Circle is one of the three minor circles. Which they had a long range and neutral speed of attacking. They have high base of attack and MP's which compensated of having very low stats in defense, Hit Points and a little bit at Critical Hit chances.

Advance Class:

Remnant Knights Magician class trainer

Remnant Knights Magician class trainer


MC Skill2


Gg class elementalist

Whether it is in a party or alone, the high magic attack of the Elementalist will get them through the fight. Although lacking in defensive power, they make up for it with their magic skills such as the deadly Icicle Spear, Lightning Circle, and the massive Meteor Crush.

Pros: High attack power and MP. Good range with an array of crowd-control and status effect skills.

Con:Low defense, critical hit rate, and HP.

An Elementalist is a great party support, being the main attack power of most teams. Lacking in defense, an Elementalist may want to allow higher defense-based classes such as the Crasher to take the brunt of enemy attacks.

Elementalists also have great support skills such as the Brain Boost which increases the Mana Points of their party members to enable more use of skills. An Elementalist is a deadly solo as well, destroying most enemies before they can even touch them.


Gg class priest

Priests are the healer class of Remnant Knights, stemming off of the Magic Circle, they choose to help and support allies through healing and reviving those lost in battle. A Priest has higher HP in comparison with their Elementalist counterparts, but has lower MP in return.

With skills such as Resurrection to revive fallen friends and Holy Blast to do high damage to enemies, a Priest is a welcome addition to any party.

Pros: High attack power and good range. Many life-steal and defensive skills, as well as healing and ressurection skills.

Cons:Low defense, critical hit rate, and HP. Has less offensive skills available than the other classes.

Priests are amazing whether they are in parties or fighting solo. With the ability at later levels to summon a powerful Shadow to attack for them, and high attack powered skills such as Divine Shock, they can hold their own.

In parties they are always needed to revive and heal allies so that the battle may continue. They can also provide shields and HP boosts, particularly helpful in keeping a tank, such as a Crasher, alive.