NPC stands for Non-player character, and is not involved in activites that player characters (PC) are involved in. An NPC usually looks like other characters in the game, but is controlled by the computer. Often NPCs are responsible for quest distribution or as a vendor or merchant to players in game to both sell items to, or buy items from.

Quest NPCsEdit

Gg basics npcquest
You'll be able to interact with Non Player Characters (NPCs) throughout the game. Most of them will have quests for you to do, others are creatures or objects you need to interact with to complete a quest.

If a new quest is available, a blue "!" mark will appear about their head. A golden "?" mark will appear if that NPC is the target or destination of a quest.

Ones with a purple circular arrow icon means they have a repeatable quest which you can do over and over again. Use the Region Map (m) to see available quests, quest targets, and all NPCs in the area.

Some quests have a narrow level requirements so be sure to finish your quests quickly!

Special NPCsEdit

Special NPCs are the major NPCs that provide unique functions. Most of these NPCs are school specific and will refuse to talk to players of the other school. The major NPCs you can find are:

Headmasters (School Grounds)
Gg basics npcheadmaster
These two eternal rivals lead the Dragon and Owl Academies. It appears they are destined never to see eye to eyes.

Talk to them for forming and leveling up Clubs and for grade promotions whenever you reach levels 10, 30, 40, 50, and 60.

Dorm Director (School Grounds)

Gg basics npcdorm
He keeps a strict eye on the students, though oddly forgiving about pets and vehicles in the rooms...

You can register a dorm room with him. He can also show you a list of other people's dorms and bring you back to your own.

Auction Manager Kim

(School Grounds)
Gg basics npckim

Quite possibly the best mathematician in the academy, more so when it comes to money.

Talk to her to access the Auction House where you can get or sell items to the highest bidder.

Nurses (School & Region Shelters)

Gg basics npcnurse
Whether the Nurses are related or clones, they all have heard "Helloooo, Nurse!" too often for a living creature to endure.

Set your spawn point at any nurse to resurrect at her location if you die. She will also sell you medicine bottles and let you craft potions.

School Director (School Grounds)
Gg basics npcdirector
She enjoys short walks at the Gym, giraffes, and helping out (matchmaking) new students.

Talk to her to learn about and forming Bonds. If you have over 200 Social Points, you will be able to purchase Social Point items from her.


(School Grounds)
Gg basics npcannie

Hired by the Headmasters to keep students updated of the latest news, she considers herself really lucky to get paid to gossip.

Check back frequently with her for surprise promotions, mini-games, news, and more.


(School and Region Shelters)
Gg basics npcpilot

The lovely pilots of Kasmari Airlines are always ready to fly the skies--if only the Skalari would stop stealing plane parts.

She will fly you to the different regions that you are allowed to access.


(School Grounds)
Gg basics npcmecher

Twin to the Rare Weapon/Armor Store keeper, they demand high fees for their services and hate weakling Knights. The hate is quite mutual.

The Mecher will repair and enhance your equipment.

Shop & Craft NPCsEdit

Shop or Crafting NPCs are NPCs that provide items that you can either buy or craft. The ones located within the School Areas (up to Sunset Pier or James Isle) are school specific and will refuse business with anyone of the other school.

Social Vendor Reed (School Grounds)
Gg basics npcreed
This former student sells items you can't get at the regular shops with currency no one else accepts. A bit shady, yes.

Trade complimentary scrolls (from completing quests) for accessories and Social Points for special titles, marbles, gems, fabrics, and crystals.

Dr. Chow (School Grounds)

Gg basics npcchow
Brilliant, and a little bit mad, he once made a helicopter out of an anti-gravity Marble, CPU fan, and a baby carriage.

Talk to him to craft special gear like capes, gear sets, and marbles that add effects to your weapons.

Carpenter Haywood (School Grounds)

Gg basics npchaywood
A man of few words, but much carpentering. Suspected to be related to Dr. Chow... a similarity about the nose perhaps?

Talk to him to craft dorm furniture using collected Marble Gemstones.

Shop Keepers (Every Region)

Gg basics npcshop
The franchise is well off enough to have a branch in every region, no matter the danger. It's well-known that their choice of uniform have contributed much to their fame.

You can buy basic items from her and sell her most unlocked items. In higher maps you can buy mounts.

Rare Weapon/Armor Store (School Grounds)
Gg basics npcrare

Twin to the Mecher, it is unsurprising he/she has the same dislike for weakling Knights. Although, these store keepers extend their dislike to fashion failures (according to them).

They will sell you beginner level gear sets for Mar.

Chef Alex

(School Grounds, Fortville, Hillville)
Gg basics npcchef

Voted #1 Best Chef for MSG-Free Fish-Based Cuisine That Enhances One's Battle Prowess 5 years in a row. It's likely he'll be this year's winner again.

Talk to him to make special effect dishes from fish.

Mrs. Potts (School Grounds)

It is never quite decided
Gg basics npcpotts
if she's more mad scientist, Skalari tamer, or legendary gardener. For sure, her "flower" pots are all the rage in dorm furnishing.

Talk to her to craft dorm room flower pots using collected fruits and plants.

Fisherman Cletus (Fortville, Hillville, Forest of Silence)

Philosophical yet
Gg basics npccletus
laid-back. Wise yet humble. But yes, he really has once caught a fish THIS BIG.

Buy bait and fishing rods from him. Usually he is near a pond which you can fish in.

For an alphabetical, assorted list of all significant NPCs which can be found in an area please visit the respective wiki page for that area.

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