This guide is intented for brand new players to the game, but can help any play old, new, or lost about in the game. Whether this is your first MMO or you're an experienced pro, this will help you to get to level 15 and cover about your first hour or two of gameplay from the time you start up the game.

Starting Up
The first step before you can do anything, is to make an account. If you don't already have an account visit Once your account is registered, you will be taken to a download screen to get the game. Once downloaded you can install the game. Note: The game may require to be patched depending on how recently the client download was updated; the game will automatically patch when you start up the game.

Once you've downloaded and installed the game, start up the launcher. You Once it connects to the server you will see two new options become available, start and settings. I recommend looking at the settings before you start the game for the first time. Here you can change your screen resolution to the proper size and choose fullscreen, windowed, or niether. These options can only be changed from the launcher; you may have to change these a few times to find what fits best for you and your screen. When you're finished with the settings, click on start. Once the game starts up you will be prompted for your username and password; enter them and click Login (hitting enter will also work as well).

Character Creation
When you sign in you will be asked to select a server; as of now there is only one server and one channel, so just select okay. You will now see the character select screen. To make a new character click where it says create character on the left. If this is the first character you are making, you will be asked to choose a school, owl or dragon. Which school you choose does not matter and is completely your choice. Everything you do will be the same no matter which shcool you pick, with the exception of certain quests varing, specially in the beginning. If you have a friend playing the game, you may want to pick the same school as them, as you can't party with knights from other schools. Note: Once you create a character in a certain school, you cannot make another character in another school. Once you pick the school, you will be taken to the character creation screen. Here you can pick your name, change your school (only if this is your first character), select your class and advanced class, gender, height, face, and hair type and color. Starting out there are only a few hair styles you can choose from. There are more that exist in the game but they require Hair Style Change card from the Samba Shop (i.e. premiun shop). Once you have everything selected to you want hit create and your character is all ready to go!

Chooseing a Class
Picking the right class can be crucial to your gaming experience. There are three base classes with each having an advanced class that you can pick once you have reached level 10. Gunners (Gun Circle) are ranged fighters with higher attack and speed; they break down into Dual Gunners and Heavy Launchers. Magic users (Magic Circle) usually have lower defenses and overal attack strength, but make up for it will strong skills and party buffs; they break down into Elementalists and Priests, both can be an essential component to parties. Lastly fighters (Fight Circle), specialize in high defense and/or attack, and are great tanks that can be essential for parties; they break down into Strikers and Crashers. The class you choose should depend on how you like to play, and there is no one right answer. Each of the six classes has its own strengths, weaknesses, and dependabilities meaning no one class is the best choice, so play where you are comfortable.

Starting Gameplay
Now that you have your character created it's time to start playing! When you start the game, you will begin on the campus of the school you have selected, and you will begin with your first quest. The quest helper on the right side of your screen will show you this quest. Some of the first few quests you will recieve will help teach you about the game and get you aquainted with the people around your campus. Your first quest is learning to move with the keyboard (you can also move by clicking with the mouse). This quest is broken into steps so first move forward with W, backward with S, to the left with A, and finally to the right with D. Congrats! You should now be level 2, and you should see that a few more quests have popped up in your quest helper; one will be universal no matter the school the other will vary depending on your school. Let's jsut do the universal one first. This quest is teaching you how to equip and unequip your revival marbles (works the same with all other items you can un/equip). Since the quest helper gives you minimal information, go ahead and click on the quest in the window. This will bring up the information for that quest (this is also achievable using the Q key). You will see that you first need to remove your Revival Marbles in the Character Information Window by pressing C. Here you will see all of your armor, accesories, weapons and stats. Go to the Revival Marbles and either double click it to remove it or click the item and place into your inventory; you can bring up the inventory with I. Now you are being asked to re-equip the marbles. To do this you can either again double click the item in your inventory or click the item in your inventory and place it onto the appropriate slot in the character window; you have just completed another quest! Now that your inventory is open, take a look at whats in there. At the top you will see 5 tabs for pages in your inventory; every character gets 2 full pages no matter what. You can increase the amount of space by buying inventory expansion cards in the Samba Shop, but 2 pages should hold you over. Every new character will start with the same three things 30 HP potions (E), and two weapons These weapons will depend on the general class you choose when you created your character; one is already equiped to your character, the other will be in your inventory. These two weapons are representations of the two classes that you can choose from later. So if you chose to be a fighter you will get a claw, used by strikers, and a hammer, used by crasher; this will help you get a feel of the two classes you can choose from. At this point, since you have completed two quests, you should see two other items in your inventory (they will be the same item infact). This is a Quest reward box, that you will recieve from pretty much every quest you finish. The level of the box will change depending on the level of the quest. Since these are beginner quests you will have 2 5LV boxes. These boxes contain items that will be helpful for you during the levels they state; meaning 5LV boxes will be helpful for you at level 5 will 40LV boxes would be helpful for levels around 40. The contents will be random each time but can contain potions, crafting items for making gear, complemetary scrolls for making accessories, or a Mysterious Box that contains a random piece of armor for any possible class (these gear can sometimes be better than ones lying around). To open these boxes, or any other boxes, just right click on it and the new item will appear in your inventory. Lastly you will notice a bar under your inventory slots with a number, this is your Mar; Mar is the money used in Kasmari. You'll get mar varies ways like killing monsters or completing quests.

Now that the basic introductions are done, let's get back to a few quests. Return your attention back to the quest helper and you will see a quest to go find a specific NPc. This person will be different depending on what school and class you chose, so it could be one of 6 people. The check mark next to the quest means this is your actively tracked quest and blue quest arrows will appear on the ground leading you where to go. You can either follow the quest to the location yourself or you may right click on the quest and it will auto walk you there. Note: You must be in the same map for this to work, and some quest may not give you the option to auto walk to the location. Now go find the NPC and talk yo them and read what they have to say. To talk to an NPC you may double click on them or select them and then use your attack skill, which is defaulted to 1 on your keyboard (no don't worry you won't actually attack them). Once you finish talking to them you should be sent to talk to the headmaster of your school. Seek him out and talk to him; he will then send you on another task. Complete this task then return to the headmaster to finish the quest. Once you finish this task you should get a cutsceen fom your local school storekeeper. Seek her out and once you finish listening to what she has to say talk to the Synergen Refueler. This is where you will recharge all your mounts when they run dry. Now talk to the Storekeeper again, now that you have found the refueler, and when finished she will give you your very own limited mount. You will get a 7D Hoover Board to speed up your travels. Don't fret about the limited time on it however. When you reach level 15 you will get a permenent Hoover Board that will never expire. Now that you have your free mount, head on over to the Dormitory Director. You will see that he has a blue ! over his head meaning that he has a new quest for you. When a quest is ready to be finished an NPC will display an orange ? over their heads. Go ahead and talk to the Dorm Director and see what he has for you. The following cutsceen will give you a quick glance at some of the options you can work toward in your own dormatory when you get to the second grade.

Now that you've completed most of the basic introductory quest there's a few things for new players that I would like to point out. The first is selecting a senior. A senior is a another player that has already reached a certain point and is willing to help out newer people. They can become your new friend and help you out if you get lost, stuck, or are just confused about something in the game. To get your very own senior, visit School Director, and selecet "I would like to find a Senior who can help me." You will then see a screen of all the available seniors you can pick from. The list only shows online seniors that have registared to be a senior. You can pick one of the Players listed and hit select senior to send a request to that player to become their Junior, or you can choose to forego this and either go seniorless or choose another one at a different time.

The other thing I would like to point out is joining an Academy. Academies can only be joined by new characters (under Level 25), and are a great way to get introduced to the club system as well as have easier access to help from both GC (Game Counslers) and players of your same level. To join an Academy press G to bring up the club window. If you are a dragon you can join the DragonAcademy and if you are an owl the OwlAcademy. Select the club and press Apply at the bottom. If a GC is on at the time you will be accepted then, if not you can still apply but you won't be accepted until a GC gets on. Academies are helpful top new players and offer benefits like free airfare, or bonuses if you can reach level 30. For full information you can visit

Continuing Gampeplay
Now that thats out of the way, let's get back to playing. Near the edge of the campus you should see a quest from a Student Guard NPC; go talk to them and get ready to fight. Your next quest step will ask you to use the attack skill. To attack a skalari (Mobs) you can do a few things. First you can select them and use the atack skill either by right clicking on it on the skill bar (bottom left) or hitting 1 (1 is the default but you can change the possition of any skill or item on the hotbar to your liking). If you are close enough to a skalari (your range will vary depending on weapon), you can use the attack skill in the same way as before and it will automatically attack the closest mob to you. The third option is to double click on the skalari just as you did with talking to NPCs. For this quest find the Meeps that are near the Student Guard and attack them. Once that step completes you will see another pop up asking you to get Synergen Shards. This is an item obtaining quest step, meaning that you have to kill a designated skalari and with each kill there is a random chance to obtain that item. In this case you need to continue killing Meeps. As you kill them you may start to notice items drop, get them! Either left click or use the pick up skill (default 4). The items can be very vaulable to you. Commonly you will see crafting items (fabrics/crystals) drop, but you will also see armor, weapons, accesories, HP/MP orbs (these will give you some HP or MP back), or enchanting materials (grindstones/coating oils). Items like armor and weapons will be random classes and may not always be for you. Reguardless pick them up, pick up everything! Even if you can use them, you can sell them to stores around the world for mar which is usefull for you getting better gear. Once you've collected enough shards turn them in (NPC with ?, if you can't seem them follow your arrows back to them) and you will recieve another quest automatically to Hunt Meeps. This is a simple kill mission, meaning that it will ask you to kill a certain number of skalari in this case 10 Meeps.    As you are fighting you will notice your health start to drop, you can recover heatlth one of three ways. This obvious way is using potions (remember you started with 30 HP potions), you can always but more from stores around the world. The second option is sitting; you can either sit on the ground with the sit skill (default 0, personally I recommend putting at Alt 1, but put it where ever you are comfortable with it.) or you can sit on benches or stumps. Log stumps are located in knight shelters in every map, while benches are around campuses. Sitting on these recovers your hp faster than sitting on the ground, but when you are too far from the shelter sitting on the ground will still recover you. This might be slower than useing a potion, but potions cost money so using a mix of both is a good idea. The third option is using Tension Recover (default 8). As you attack mobs you will see tiny green orbs come to you, this is tension and you can see the tention bar fill up in the top right under your HP and MP. When you get a full bar you get a tension orb (you can have a max of three at a time). Tension Recovery uses 1 tension orb and will recover your HP and MP by 30%. Now that you've killed your Meeps the next step of your quest will ask you to kill 6 Angry Daisies so follow your arrows (it's not far) adn kill 6 of them. Once they're dead travel back to the campus and turn in your quest and chances are you will level. If not go kill some more skalari, and track your progress with the purple bar at the bottom of the screen. If you did level, then you should see some new quests given to you, two go kill quests and a passive quest; the passive quest (Reach level 5) will be completed when it's completed, just work on your other quest and once you level it will be finished. You may have noticed by now that you have two skills on the hotbar (Default 2 and 3) these were given to you when you created your character. Use them jsut like any other skill to help you in killing skalaries. To see where these skills are press K and go to the last tab (either Magic Circle, Gun Circle, or Fight Circle). Each of these skill lines (refered to as skill trees) is meant to represent the skills of the classes you can choose at level 10. So if you are a Magic Circle student the first tree will be elemental skills (Elementalist) and the second is slowing and pushing(Priest). On the right you will notice your Tension Recovery and Tension attack (the name will vary depending on your circle). Your remaining skill points are displayed at the bottom right. You get 5 skill points everytime you level. While how you level your skills is your choice I recomend NOT leveling any of the skills in yout Circle tab. Reasoning? These skills are weaker and dont level very far. Once you choose your advanced class you will get a whole new set of skills you can use that will be stronger and its worth saving the points for them rather than using them now.

Back to the quests. One of the two kill quests will complete automatically once the mobs are killed and the other will ask you to go collect an item from another mob. Once you've collected it you can now go turn the quest in to the Student Council Member; there's a good chance you will level. A new quest appears; go find the Rare Weapon/Armor Store. This is a go meet quest, meaning that to complete all you have to do is find the NPC and talk to them to finish. These types of quests are commonly seen at the end of areas and will lead you off to the next area of quests. Talk to the NPC to finish the quest then accept the next one they have for you. After talking to the rare shopkeeper, you will recieve a cape in your inventory. Go there to equip it for more stats. Capes will be helpful to you throughout the game and can get crafted anytime, but new capes become equpable to you every 10 levels. Now its time to go find Fisherman Cletus (yes same name for each school) meaning that it's time to leave the campus.

When you are ready head out the front gate (follow the arrows), and follow the road into the town Hillville for Owls Fortville for dragons. Use your recently obtained hoover board to make your trip faster. When you get to the Fisherman talk to him. It's now time to learn fishing! Fishing can be an essential part of playing. Fish can be consumed raw or cooked to give HP/MP boosts or recovery. Better fish can be found in later maps and give better bonuses/recovery. To learn fishing first open your inventory. A screen will then open showing you how to equip your new fishnig rod (given to you). Once you have viewed this close the screen with the x and equip your fishing rod into your secondary weapon slot. And you will see a cutsceen of where to go to fish. To switch to your secondary weapon either click the arrows next to the weapon slots or hit R. When you reach the pond another how to window will pop up, view it then close it. To fish double click the water (a new cursor will appear alterting you that you can fish there) or alternatively you can use your attack skill just the same, just make sure you are facing the water if you do that. Once you start fishing a green bar will appear on the screen, this is the timer. Once a fish bites the timer will begin and a big CLICK will appear. Click on click before the timer runs out of the fish will get away with your bait! If you successfully hit click, then a new challenge appears you will see arrows apear on the screen and a single arrow above. You need to hit the arrows in the pattern that appears at the top; you can either use the WASD keys or the ones that appear on the screen. Becareful though, there is a new timer (tihs time brown). This timer slowly will move to the right and each time you match an arrow it will decrease a short ammount; get the bar all the way to the left to catch the fish, or other random goody. If the bar gets all the way to the right or if you press the wrong arrow, the fish will make of with your bait so be quick but careful. Once you catch a fish make your way back to Cletus to show him your new catch. He will then send you off to Chef Alex to learn cooking. Talk to Alex to start cooking, and two options will show up for cooking with red and blue fish (there are more options when you return to him). Cook any dish then return to show him your food. He will then tell you to take the newly backed goods to Grandma Martha(dragons) or President of the Woman's Society(owls). While there she will need a little help taking care of the Theif Bunnies near by; eliminate 8 of them then return to her. Talk to her again and she will send you on a meet quest to find The Guild Agent (D for owl M for dragon) in the Knight Shelter (just down the road from where you are). Once you talk to him you will most likey level, if not just kill a few things to level. Here you will see 3 NPCs all needing your assitance. This is the first time you really get a look at multiple quests at once; this is how it will be for the rest of the game. Different people have different methods but what I recommend is accepting all the quests you can then completing all of them before you return to turn them in. Sometimes this method will save you having to rekill the same mobs over, but it will save you time over collecting them one at a time then turning them in once at a time as you finish.

While at the shelter take a look at all who is there, as this will be common place for you throughout your travels. Each shelter will have its own Pilot, Shopkeeper, and Nurse and usually there will be a Guild Agent somewhere near by. Lets take a look at these few NPCs. First, one you should remember from the campus is the Shopkeeper. She will be a different one in each location, but she will sell the same type of items; you can get potions, base weapons (varing depending on level of map), rods and bait, and in some shelter shops you can find limited mounts. Those mounts will be a little costly but they are typically faster than the permanant one you get at 15. Next is the Nurse, she holds a variety of services for you. You can set your resurrection point to them so that when you die you will revive there. In addition you can make potions using Momo fruits (from Momo Plants) and other items that you collect throughout the lands. Next is the Pilot, you can find her at every shelter and even at the school campus. For a fee she will fly you from destination to destination, which saves time when going far distances. You will also see Guild Agents throughout shelters which are there to give you quests. You might also see in some shelters refuelers for your mounts or mailboxes for collecting mail.

Now that you are aquainted with the shelter, back to questing! From here on quests will follow a similar pattern. Each level you will recieve a certain amount of quests in a single area, like at level 6 your quests come from the shelter and send you off to the trash center (for both schools). At the end of a level you will usually get a meet quest taking you off to the next area of map. If you get this quest before finishing all the quests in the area you are at I suggest waiting to finish it. Finish one area before moving to the next; less walking, less time it will take. Work on the three quests you got then turn them in. One of these quests is a gather/collecting quest, meaning that you will have to find an certain number of objects adn serch them for an item. You may notice another quest out near where you where killing, you can wait to accept it, you will be back there again shortly. When you turn in your quest to the Guild Agent you will get a quest to find the Garbage Man, go find him, he will be near the other quest that you saw. When you finish those quest you may see no new quests(!) but don't worry, head to the shelter and it is there. If you ever get lost just bring up the map with M to see where you are or to find any new quest or quests turn ins (they will be ! or ? like normal just yellow on the map). Talk to the guild agent to recieve your next quest which will take you wither to House of Ruin(dragon) or Haunted House(owl); while they have different names they are the same insides. This is your first dungeon quest! Walk up to teh portal and select your difficulty. Bring up your map and make your way to the back and enter the room marked No.2 BUT BEWARE there's a trap waiting for you. As you enter the room make your way to the left quickly (there will be a cutsceen so move quickly. By doing this you wont get jumped by every enemy at once and live. Watch your health and kill all the mobs in the room to continue. Get the chest then high tail it out of there. There will be mobs blocking the way this time however so becareful. You will have to walk; being a dungeon you won't be allowed to use your mounts. When you exit return to the shelter to talk to the Agent and level up. You will get a quest upon leveling to teach you skills. To finsh this open the skill window (K) and then place a skill to your hotbar. Left click a skill then place it on the bar and your done :)

It's now time to move on to the next areas. From here on qusting will be simple enough. Just finish questing in each area till you reach level 10. If you are an owl the areas you will progress to from here will be the Candy Mart, the Animal Clinic, and the Haunted Camp. For dragons it will be the Resturant, Shelter Outskits/House of Dr. Gen, and the Chicken Farm/Town Shrine. Each area should cover a full level. Once you finally hit level 10 it's time to return to the campus and find the headmaster. When you talk to him you'll find it is time to take one last test to head over to the school building for the jumping test. Make you way through the obstacle course and talk to the NPC. He will ask a few questions about the game so I hope you wre paying attention! When you are finished make your way back to the headmaster to select your advanced class. Choose wisely because you won't be able to change it once selected. Congrats, you are now a second grader! For choosing yout class you will also recieve a limited Oblivion Potion. This is a one time use potion that will completely reset your skill points as if you were level one again so you can replace those points elsewhere. This is great for allowing you to play around at first then reset your skills if you don't like them. Keep in mind you only have 7 days to use this though.

There are a few things for you to undertake now. First start off by talking to the Headmaster. He will give you too quests once to find the Nurse back at the knight shelter; she will teach you how to make a speed potion. The second sends you to Dr. Chow on the campus who has a present for you for getting this far. Open the box and you will get quite a few goodies. You will recieve a full suit of level 10 armor and a weapon with random stats, a hero cape, and pair of limited Lumin wings, and a title. The title is the class that you just chose from the headmaster. So if you were a Gun Circle and chose Heavy Launcher you would recieve a Heavy Launcher title. Each class title has its own set of stats that are useful for that class. To equip your fancy new title open the character window. Above your stats you will see a bar and button with a yellow star with a T on it. Click the button to bring up a list of your titles from here you can select the title you want and equip it. You should also see that you have two other titles 1st Grader and 2nd Grader. You will get a new grade title every 10 levels after completing a new test for that level. You may only have one title equiped at a time.

Last thing to do before leaving the campus is to finsh setting up your doorm, Student ID, and bank. Talk to the Dormitory Director to set up your dorm room, talk to the School Director to set up your student ID (this isn't necessary but need if you want to be in the matching system), and talk to the Bank of Kasmari to set up your bank account for storing even moe items. Once you finished with everything on campus it's time to move on. Take the back exit from your schools campus and travel to the portal to the next map. Dragons will move on to Sunset Pier, while Owls will move on to James Isle. You should already have a quest for meeting an NPC on this map. they won't be too far from the portal that you entered. Seek them out and you will find the other NPCs near them with quests for you. Just as before, all maps from here on will move you from one region of the map to the next. For now just continue questing an making you way to the Knight Shelter of this map.

Once you finally hit level 15, in addition to the quests you will recieve from the region per that level, you recieve to specific quests. The first of which will tell you to return to the campus, for right now just ignore that quest. The other will be to recieve your free permanent mount. This quest will have you complete a certain task, which once complete and turned in to the proper NPC, will give you your free mount. This quest can easily be completed while finishing the other quests in this level. I suggest finishing all quests for that level before leveing to return to the campus. Once you are ready, return to the school campus and seek the designated NPC, Owls will be seeking out Professor Lemoranade, and Dragons will be looking for Professor Wong; both can be found near the school campus by the beakers containing meeps. Speak with them to recieve your very own pet to accompany you on your travels. You will recieve a Pet Gift Box, when opened will give you four things, a random pet box, a pet rename card (so you can name your pet what ever you like), 5 50% pet food cards (yes pets require being feed), and a pet skill card (potions) which will allow your pet to pick up potions on the ground when the skill is selected. When you open the random pet box, you will get one of six mini pets; Cat, Dog, Owl, Parrot, Penguin, or Panda. Each pet can gain experience and reach level 5, giving you a small stat boost depending on the pet.

Reaching this point, while simple enough, is quite an accomplishment so pat yourself on the back and take a good old strech break. Now of course you don't have to get this far all in one sitting. From here on , what you learned here can be used through out the rest of the game. Here's a few tips that are great for anyone: NEVER be afraid to talk to people, specially if you are new. Parting with people helps you level faster and is more enjoyable than playing alone. Can't do it alone? Ask for help. Stuck, confused, or don't know what to do? Ask someone. GMs will always be on to help you, and you can always ask someone aroudn the school or any map. If they don't respond they may not be there, jsut ask someone else if you still need help. Join a club. Clubs are a great way to play with people, run dungeons, or just talk. More often than not you can get all the answers you need for club mates or even through alliance clubs. If you find you don't like the people in your club or that club you joined is too inactive then don't be afraid to leave and change clubs. You'll be more happy switching than staying. Join events. There's plently to choose from. GMs will regularly through their shifts run events like Trivia or Find the GM (hide & seek). Club Challenges happen daily, club Wars weekly. Every saturday you can join Saterday Knight Fever. There are even outside events that happen on the forums or Facebook, so check often. Events can earn you nice prizes and are a fun way to spend your time. And just remember to always try to have a good time.

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